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Hello.  I'm Cynthia A. Robertson, Owner and Founder of Foreclosure Money Recovery, LLC, a company born out of a need for public education and social justice regarding mortgage foreclosures, specifically excess proceeds.


I am a former Court Reporter and transcriptionist, having provided stenographic services at the U.S. House of Representatives, Capital Hill, Washington, DC.  I have provided deposition services for numerous attorneys throughout VA, MD, and DC.

I am a General Notary Public, a Remote Online Notary Public, and a Notary Signing Agent appointed and commissioned by the Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia. 


It's very nice to meet you!

My Story

After going through a foreclosure in my early years of life, I did not know that I was entitled to the excess money from the sale of my home.  When I found out about it, I became angry because those funds could have financially helped my family. 


So, I decided to take action.  Foreclosure Money Recovery, LLC came about as a result of the injustice that I endured, that I continue to see in the home foreclosure space, and the tremendous negative impact upon the lives of the defaulters and their families.

As was the case with me, many people do not know that they are entitled to the surplus funds resulting in the sale of their homes by the bank or at auction. 


It is the law that the trustee of the sale is obligated to notify the defaulter of these surplus funds.  The sad truth is that the trustee sends the notice to the last known address of record, which is the foreclosed home.  

There is no incentive by the trustee to actually locate the defaulter because if the defaulter never files a claim for their surplus money, then the account is reported to the state where it is held, and the state becomes the custodial holder of the asset through a process called "escheatment."


This is why I'm here to help you to navigate the complex legal and financial processes involved in recovering your foreclosure surplus money.  Let's get to it.


I'm always looking for new clients to help with their foreclosures or pre-foreclosures.  Let's connect.

Office:  1 (757) 751-0709

Due to our heavy call volume, please leave a message.  We will respond promptly.

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