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A Nationwide Service To Those Evicted Through Foreclosure

Our passion is to help people nationwide recover money that is rightfully theirs after a mortgage foreclosure.  We do the heavy lifting because you have endured enough.

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Know Your Foreclosure
Legal Rights

Geraldine Tyler vs.
Hennepin County, MN

Geraldine Tyler, a 93‐​year‐​old woman on a very limited income, owned a condominium in Minnesota worth $40,000. She was unable to pay her $2,300 property tax bill, which eventually turned into nearly $12,700 with interest and fees, and Hennepin County seized and sold her property to pay the bill.


Yet rather than just keeping the $12,700 that was owed and returning the rest, the county kept the entire $40,000 from the sale. In most states, when someone does not pay their property taxes, the government may take the property, sell it to pay off the tax debt, and then return whatever is left back to the property owner.

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Benefits of Working With
Cynthia A. Robertson

Nationwide Money Recovery
Convenient, Knowledgeable & Transparent

Rule #1: 
We only take on clients who we know 
have foreclosure money owed to them.
  • We seek to recover the lost equity in your home, before it was sold by the lender.

  • Calculate all money transactions involved in your foreclosure.

  • Prepare and timely file all legal paperwork to recover your funds from the trustee.

  • Provide you with mobile notary services for your convenience.

  • Utilize legal counsel to file court documents on your behalf, if necessary. 

  • Keep you updated throughout the process until the trustee releases your money.

  • No up-front money is needed to get started.  We work strictly on a contingency basis.

  • We do all of the heavy lifting for you to recover your money.

  • Available to answer your questions throughout the entire process.

  • Each client is provided full transparency of the money recovery process.

If you, or someone you know, have been through a foreclosure,

then reach out to us.  Free consultation.

Office:  (757) 751-0709 or

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Cynthia A. Robertson appointed and commissioned by the Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia

Proof of Notary Public Credentials:

  • National Notary Association Certified

  • VA Notary Commission: 8066456 

  • VA Notary Commission Expires:  07/01/2027

  • NNA NSA Background Screening Passed: 6/17/2023

  • NNA NSA Training Completed: 6/17/2023

  • NNA National Signing Agent Exam Passed: 6/18/2023

  • VA Certified Remote Online Notary:  07/06/2023

  • E&O Insurance: $100,000 

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Cynthia A. Robertson is a Notary Signing Agent who specializes in facilitating real estate transactions. We are hired by lenders and title companies to print, arrange, execute, and send the loan documents for processing.

We also verify the identity of the parties involved, administer oaths and affirmations, and witness the signing of documents.  Our On Demand Online Platforms use Knowledge-Based Authentication to prevent access of unauthorized persons. (See Credentials Above)

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Notary Platform Certified ODN.png
This badge acknowledges my certification on the Notarize online platform for On Demand Notary. 
Proof of Remote Online Notary Credentials:
  • Computer Skills Assessment
  • Notary Skills Assessment (knowledge of notarial law and requirements for the Commonwealth of Virginia) 
  • Notarize Platform Training (17 proficiency skill tests)
  • Notarize Platform Certification

Remote Online Notarizations (RONs) marry the convenience, speed, and efficiency of the digital world with the integrity of centuries-old Notary best practices. RON allows Notaries the opportunity to perform notarizations without leaving home, and serving customers in other states or countries.

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A mobile notary, also known as a traveling notary, is a person who visits different locations at the time fixed by you, to ensure proper completion of the notarization process. A mobile notary meets a client personally.

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Apostilles and authentication certificates validate the seal and signature of a Notary on a document so that it can be accepted in a foreign country. Both verify that the Notary held a Notary commission at the time the document was notarized.

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